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Several different remote platforms can be used for training, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts…

You want to research your ancestors by yourself, but you don’t know how. You can hire me to teach you. It can be basics or more detailed issue or record set.

You may be enjoying researching your family tree, but are stuck. If so, you can hire me to try to overcome a particular problem. 

I will provide help and advice for both minor and major problems. I can give training to individuals or groups.

Genealogical survey

Ancestral and descendant surveys

I complete genealogical research in the desired scope and format.

You might want to know all about your family but lack the necessary time or knowledge of the sources, or the ability to travel. If so, you can hire me to plan, organize, implement and sort out the research for you.

Each study is individual and of high quality. It is based on a free written research plan and an agreed budget. The research will follow the Code of Practice for genealogical research.

The research includes available birth and/or baptismal records, marriage records and death and/or burial records. For each person, the birth and death certificates and any migration data will be recorded, so that the person can be traced at a later date. In the results of the research, the name of the person is used as it appears in the birth records and other subsequent forms of the name are recorded. If the client so wishes, the name can be normalized to Finnish.

The research carried out is always recorded in GEDGOM format with sources. The results can also be obtained as Ancestral Quest or Rootsmagic files or plain PDF or Word document. The results of the survey can also be obtained in printed form or as a family tree. You can add your own photos to the finished work.

All the research I do is based on original sources such as church records. In some parishes, church records have been partially or almost completely destroyed. In these cases, research can be done from other documentary sources, such as vital records. Church records include communion books and children’s books, as well as registers of births/baptisms, marriages, deaths/burials and emigrations.

These sources usually provide information on the life of the subjects. If you want to extend the basic research or it does not provide all the wanted answer ,  other contemporary sources, such as land records, county and bailiff accounts, immigration documents, family records, military rolls, herd books, war diaries, historical newspaper archives (from 1771), historical maps, etc can be examined.


Bringing old paper genealogy into digital format.

Do you have genealogy survey done on paper? I offer a digitization service, where existing information is transferred to the desired database or genealogy service. This makes it easier to continue and maintain existing research. If the customer so wishes, I can also check the accuracy of the data during digitization to the extent required.


  • Basic hourly rate is 49 €/h (incl. VAT)
  • In addition to the hourly rate, it is possible to agree on a package with a fixed price including any travel costs within a 50 km radius of the place of business. (extra kilometres 0,12 €/km)
Examples of research projects Headcount Price
Ancestors in 3 generations on mother's or father's side (1700-1800s)
120 €
Ancestors in 4 generations on mother's or father's side (1700-1800s)
590 €
Ancestors in 5 generations on mother's or father's side (1700-1800s)
990 €
Extended 5-generation survey, including children of families and spouses of children (1700-1800s)
1500 €
Descendant survey
from 100 €

In the ancestral survey, the number of persons is given according to the maximum number. If the family branches are related, i.e. there are common ancestors or illegitimate children whose father is unknown, the number of persons is lower, so the price is also adjusted downwards. In the case of descendants, the price will be influenced by the number of generations to be studied.