Sources from Sweden

Updated 2.3.2022

– In the National Archives’ digital research pages you can access digital archival documents such as church books, maps, tax records, military rolls, probate records, photos of convicts, sailors, the war archive’s portrait collections and much more. There are about 70.5 million scanned archival documents here and several databases.

– Föreningen Släktdata. The main goal is to make as many transcribed or indexed church records as possible freely available for genealogical research.

– Demographic Database for South Sweden aims to register all church records of births, marriages and deaths for Skåne, Blekinge and Halland for the period 1650-1900 and make them freely searchable on the internet.

– Rötter is Sweden’s largest free genealogy site, with news, blogs, databases and other resources for genealogists. Here you can search databases such as the Gravestone Inventory and Portrait Finds, deepen your knowledge on the genealogy wiki or in one of the factual articles in Rötters Faktabank.

– Here you will find the City Archives’ own databases. Search for information about people, places, buildings and events in Stockholm, for example Rotemans arkivet and Stockholmskällan.

– Stockholm City Archive

– Linköping University’s own publishing house for research results, LiU E-Press, has published a number of databases that can be of great benefit to genealogists. These are mainly databases for research of a more or less local nature.

– The database covers parishes in the northern inland, the Skellefteå area, the Sundsvall area, the Linköping area, parishes in Swedish Sápmi and the parishes of Bergsjö, Gnarp, Harmånger, Hassela, Ilsbo and Jättendal. – Umeå Universitet

– Släktforskning – Vad är genealogi?

– Sök bland 2 024 963 gravsatta på 1 970 kyrkogårdar i hela Sverige

– Sveriges Släktforskarförbund

– The database currently contains data about 500 000 soldiers who served between 4/12 1682 and 31/12 1901

– This page presents Swedish military history, mainly the subdivision system, the permanent servants and boatmen and the conditions for the enlisted soldier. The site also presents the history of the Swedish regional regiments and a number of Swedish battles.

– The Blekinge Genealogical Society have registered all the boatmen of Blekinge, from the beginning of the system in the 17th century until it was discontinued around 1930. See also other databases which the Blekinge Genealogical Society has.

– Gotlands största portal – turistinformation

– In total there have been 2500-3000 parishes and congregations in Sweden. Here at we list all these together with relevant information.

– Parishes of Sweden 1992

– Lantmäteriet

– Lantmäteriet

– Institutet för språk och folkminnen

– Ortnamnsregistret utgör en digitaliserad version av det topografiska registret i Namnarkivet i Uppsala.
 Ortnamnsregistret består av cirka 3,7 miljoner inskannade och registrerade arkivkort. Registret innehåller uppgifter om ortnamnens äldsta belägg och deras uttal samt litteraturhänvisningar. Registret omfattar även stora samlingar av namn från Åland och Estlands svenskbygder.

– Här hittar du Isofs böcker, rapporter, tidskrifter och andra publikationer. De flesta går att läsa kostnadsfritt som pdf, och många går även att beställa i tryckt format  – Institutet för språk och folkminnen

– Specialsök i Riksarkivet