Heidi Kuosmanen

Heidi Kuosmanen

I’m enthusiastic, hard-working, analytical, persistent, reliable, problem-solving, part of the new generation of genealogists, and tech-savvy. I have a Master of Science in inorganic and analytical chemistry.

My career as a genealogy entrepreneur started as a hobby, when tracing family roots, writing a family book, volunteering for genealogy and helping others took up a large part of my time.

I love teaching and have been told that I am a good teacher, patient and listen to my students. I also  teach chemistry occasionally in addition to genealogy.

I get on with different people and enjoy helping other people.

I have most of my knowledge from the old Häme, Uusimaa and Vyborg counties and from northern Savo, but I have also done research in a very wide area of the rest of Finland.

I also have a lot of experience in researching Swedish books.

I respect those older generations of genealogists who have already done a lot of work in the past, and I am grateful to my now deceased beloved teacher, who led me into intriguing and sometimes a very mysterious world of genealogy.

My Goal

My aim is to help others learn about their family roots, either by doing the research for them or by training and supporting them to do the research themselves.

Genealogy is my heart’s desire.

I get a lot of joy from helping others.