One picture tells more than thousand words. Old photos are valuable even we do not appreciate them always. We can see our family, relatives and friends in photos and what is even more important, those people who have already passed. Old photos show us what the life was earlier and what our ancestors looked like. Photos bring the history alive.  

Repairing old photos digitally

Old photos have often suffered over time. The colours may have faded, the images may have been stained with dirt, they may have been folded or water damaged.

Digital image processing can be used to enhance and repair images. The final result of the correction is influenced by the number of pixels in the original image scan, the file size, the file format and what was done to the image before the correction.

The amount of damage to the image also affects the final result. Not everything can be corrected, but the most common errors can be corrected.

The aim of this service is to restore images so that they retain their original appearance, but any errors that have occurred over time are removed. The images will not be modernized or coloured.

Work Price
Photos are handled at an hourly rate, but for larger numbers of photos a joint price can be agreed.
49 €/h
The extent and amount of damage and the accuracy of the image will affect the duration of the repair.