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Heidi Kuosmanen

Family history is the love of my heart.
Helping other people gives me a lot of joy.

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Family History Research

Family history research for your needs.
Digitalizing an old family history work on paper

Image Conservation

Digitally repairing old damaged family photos.


Read blog articles that are related to family history.
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These are some of the testimonials I have received from my customers
"The result of this research was confusingly good. In advance I had not expected to wait so clear and wide - at least from my perspective.
It was so awesome to see the connection to ancestors, which some of them were born at the end of 17th century."
"Thank you for guidance and good service for finding family information and helping to understand notations."
"Thank you for friendship and teachings in genealogy. You inspired me much in it! I got to know that I can still learn!
It is also about the teacher"
"About Heidi: Knows things and skillful, great discretion."